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    Tap into the incredible energy of Fort St. John!

    Welcome to Fort St. John! We are an energetic city, one built on hard work
    and a pioneering spirit.

    We also love having fun! Whether it is outdoor recreation, sports, music, the arts, history and more, if you n imagine it, chances are a lol entrepreneur or organization has made it happen.

    Tap, Know and Go gives you access to all things Fort St. John. You are literally just a tap away from knowing what’s happening all around you!

    Looking for the ideal restaurant for your evening out? The best places to enjoy live music? Or maybe the best hiking, fishing and mping in the region? For all these resources and more, tap into everything Fort St. John! We invite you to explore our vibrant hometown.

    • Be sure to visit and discover…


      High on Ice Winter Fest

      BC's largest winter ice festival is the place to celebrate the best the winter season has to offer?with ice rving competitions, ice fishing...

      Know & Go!


      Pioneer Pathway Walking Tour

      Take the downtown walking tour and learn about the hard-working pioneers who built?the City of Fort St. John into what it is today...

      Know & Go!


      Peace River Lookout Point

      This is a must-see panoramic view of the Majestic Peace River. Make use of the picnic area and don’t forget your mera!

      Know & Go!


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